Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Art Snobbing: Iowa Hawkeye Booze Cruze Picture

I truly believe that we as Hawkeye fans come up with some of the best artwork for our team simply because of how diverse our fan base is. Handmade Hawkeye items are my favorite items to find in thrift stores, because you never know what you get. I initially dismissed this piece because I hadn't saw any Hawkeye logos on it, but I doubled back and picked it up. It appears to be a John Holladay print from the 80s, seen here. I have one of his Kinnick Stadium prints and I can personally say, this is very well done, creative and funny artwork.

This has easily become my favorite piece of artwork, just because it is one of the most creative pieces I have ever seen. My Hawkeye bathroom is made complete with this one.

Price: $5.38
Bought At: Muscatine Goodwill
Condition: Good, Small crack in the corner of the frame
Going For:  My good friend and fellow Hawkeye collector, Marty Boller, of the wonderful MJB Hawkeye Store puts the value of this piece between $20-$25 dollars.

Finding this picture made my day, and is one of the pieces that I still smile at every time I see it. A big thanks to Marty Boller for helping me find information on this one. Please go check out his store. You will be glad you did!

Go Hawks!


  1. I have Mennonite roots and my family is originally from Kalona. This pic is a hoot...especially for those who appreciate the "conservative" nature of those saints living in and near Kalona & Wellman, IA. Kinda reminds me of the old Mennonite joke.

    What goes Clop. Clop. Bang. Bang. Clop Clop?

    Wait for it.

    A drive-by shooting in Kalona.

    :0) ON IOWA! GO HAWKS!

    1. I love that joke. One of our families oldest friends is from Kalona, and I have a great deal of respect for the Mennonite community and their contributions to Iowa. Go Hawks!